Our Perspective

The global market for technology and services that support the needs of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is expanding rapidly. The digitization of the sales process, the increased expectations of the buyer experience and the shift to hybrid work environments are key trends fueling complexity across the sales funnel and creating new challenges for the CRO. Technology to support the growing needs of the CRO is exploding and is akin to the rapid expansion that has taken place over the past decade in marketing/advertising technology. Forrester predicts that the global sales enablement platform market will reach $7.3 billion by 2028, while growing at a CAGR of nearly 20%. A recent Gartner study shows that 80% of CRO’s believe they need to invest heavily in a new technology stack to deliver on their revenue targets.

Human capital continues to be the largest spend for the CRO with 75% of their budget committed to sellers. There are over 13,000,000 sales professionals in the United States and over $900 billion is spent annually on these resources. The ability to leverage modern technology platforms along with proven methodologies to assess, train, manage and measure sales professionals at scale is creating a massive optimization opportunity for the CRO.

The intersection of sales, marketing and customer success has been broken for decades. Today, the lines between sales, marketing and customer success must blend to deliver growth. To unlock the growth opportunity, the organization must coordinate and optimize their skills, data, technology, content, and processes to create competitive advantage.

The market for service providers to support the overall needs of the CRO is highly fragmented, and at this point there is no clear full-service market leader. Unlike their CMO counterparts, the CRO’s organization is limited in its resource capacity to effectively take advantage of the opportunity in this rapidly changing environment. There is a need for a partner that can consult, staff, train, implement/manage technology, processes and human capital to support the operational effectiveness of the organization to deliver the desired revenue outcomes. The CRO needs a scaled services provider with deep knowledge and expertise across sales, marketing and customer success organizations’ skills, capabilities, and technology to unleash their growth opportunity.

Trilliad intends to fill this void and become the market leading Growth Services Provider (GSP).